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Updated : 5/7/20, 1:00 PM


Due to some false bans from the anti cheat network "PBBans" several innocent players have been banned. The affected serveradmins are those who selected this network at their server settings for protection or serveradmins which are directly registered at PBBans.

The bans on our banlist have been automatically removed from our system during the night.
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7/8/11, 2:47 PM
8/23/11, 4:29 AM
Hi, I was playing on a server with GGC, quand falls md5tols.dummy (WIN = 32) was caught like this hack, and my key was banned from the server, need help, I'm in the middle of a championship and I can not get without my key
8/24/11, 6:54 PM
i need help i got banned from a server for using mp5tool when i dident my brother put in a guid post thing and saying sorry for cheating but i dident cheat please unblock me from this
8/25/11, 6:14 PM
give it up dude ,these guys wont help anyone with a bann,i tried and they answer with snobish remarks and close yor ticket.the easiest thing too do is get another copy and new key,it sucks but these bann lift forums everywhere do not give a dam about us.ive been there already with most of the ggc-streamed pb appeals and no help...its been 2 weeks i got a new copy,make sure you deleate all your old bf2 files and try it
8/26/11, 10:21 AM

We've told you that you've to use the "Write ban appeal" form like X thousands guys before. Sorry for this hard challenge for you... .
10/14/11, 6:07 AM
If I'm not on the banlist how the hell can I give you my GUID info?
10/22/11, 11:44 AM
#3 +1
1/12/11, 4:13 AM
Hi i want to remove my name from bann list. Some players ban me because i used C4 I got it by traning points. But they said i am cheater but i am not. So this is not fair that i banned for no reason. Please some get out me from ban list thx.
1/24/12, 10:01 PM
hi guys i am banned and get kicked from a server too says md5tool,when i check on the net ie the number, havent a clue what that is a bolt player and theres not many of those servers going so im a tad sick about it,more so in not knowing why in the first place i see other players in the same situ, it should get sorted as i can see a lot of players giveing up on playing. im 65 years old and dont take kindly to being labled a cheat of any kind.iv spent 5 years getting as good as i am,not saying im good,also the fact iv spent tons on upgrading my pc, to give me that edge just to get this sort of thing
1/25/12, 9:54 AM
I'm LISA RUS in batlefild 3 just purchased and activated, and can't log in to the server with punkbuster says LISA RUS 0 minutes ban ((((help correct the problem
1/25/12, 9:55 AM
1/25/12, 1:20 PM
if you get the ban probably you can forget about this game online , I play 4 years in this game BF2 ,end some body wanted (bro) try on my account end put some shit md5.. and its done
3/1/14, 2:17 PM
I can't appeal my ban as it say's my GUID is not at the bans list.
3/1/14, 8:28 PM
Core Then you do not need to appeal.
3/2/14, 4:36 PM
5/27/14, 5:48 PM
I cant play BFH! Can you check me, am i banned? i think no!

I never hack! just someone trolled me badly! i use 1000EUROS to BFH

Name is: GodKiller11
5/28/14, 1:14 AM
Admin @ GodKiller11

Only way:
6/20/14, 9:19 PM
7/20/14, 7:32 PM
10/8/14, 11:46 AM
I got ban but no one trust me that i didnt use cheats.Is it OK?