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Updated : 6/17/18, 10:00 AM


    New features released! v1.7.1 8/25/11, 7:01 PM by Daemon

Again, our developers have unlocked serveral features on the website after they completed the the internal beta test. We would like to present the new features in this news:

- User and Admin Greetings
- Server Banlist - Import
- New Status Page
- Many More...
User and Admin Greetings
Now it's finally here!
In the settings for your server you now have the option to write a personal greeting message for each player. The words #guid#, #nickname#, #date#, #time# and #ip# can optionally be used and will be replaced according to the player. If you leave the text blank, nothing is displayed on the server.
It is also possible that a serveradmin gets a welcome message if he enters the server with its own message. This requires that the player has entered his GUID (UserCP -> GUID) into his account options and sets a message which shall be displayed.

Server Banlist – Import
The import script have been updated to improve the compatibility with the tool "Mod Manager". Exported XML data can be easily imported via the import script on our site.

Status - Page created
From now on you have the availability to get an overview over the ggc servers via our new status page:

We created this site because it was said in the past that our servers were offline - which wasn't correct. Our servers had no bigger downtimes since the migration in janurary.

If the webserver is not available, this might be caused by our DDos prevention locks the access to our servers to prevent attacks. It may happejn that you have no access to our page but others can use it without problems.

- Add Server: Bookmark field is automatically displayed for supported games;
- GGCSS: Whitelist added. Automatic setup only with working games;
- Banlist download: Files are now zipped (previously 21MB, now 7MB);
- Banlist download: Download progress is now displayed;
- GUID Search: Nicknames provide a link to Game-Monitor and Game Tracker;
- Banlist: Shown ban amounts are now correct;
- Gamebrowser: Linked to the current WWO-entry to get a player overview;
- WWO: Shows the full GUID to a player when it comes to your own server;
- WWO: Displays an icon in its own server for direct banning of a player;
- API system: 30% performance increase through code optimizations;
- Bugfix: Hall of Shame (comments could not be written);
- Bugfix: News (comments could not be written);
- Bugfix: Admin Application (if applying as non game-admin an error occur);
- Bugfix: Server - User Statistics (server overview);
and much more.
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1/9/11, 8:06 PM
i can't desable Admin Greetings

I clear a field, i press the button send, but at calling in game continues to show Admin Greetings as i have specified before it
3/9/11, 11:49 AM
Developer Fixed.
Please next time in our forum :).
9/20/11, 2:37 PM
Admin greetins is not working for me :( Do I have to replace #nickname# with the admins name ? Please help me ...