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Updated : 6/17/18, 10:00 AM


    New features released! v1.6.0 7/22/11, 6:26 PM by Daemon

Again, our developers have unlocked serveral features on the website after they completed the the internal beta test. We would like to present the new features in this news:

- Server Administration
- Developer API
- Download-Area
- General fixes
Server Administration
From now on you have more options to set the rights of your admins. Two rights have been added:

- Manage Banlist Manager
- Manage Config Manager

Another new feature was integrated for clarity, the description of the rights in the user administration has been removed and added as title tag of each icon. Would you like to know what an icon means then you have to just go with the mouse pointer over the particular. This should provide more space for other possible rights in the future.

Developer API

Our API is now placed for public use. In addition, it was expanded with the following interfaces:

- Supported Games (Returns supported games by GGC-Stream)
- Banlist Manager (List/add or delete bans from you server)
- Banlist Export (Banlist with various output-formats (JSON, XML and Plain)
- Retrieve Punkbuster Configuration (Current GGC-configuration for Punkbuster)

There were also included some bugfixes and we've done a redesign of the site.

This was extended by the following terms:

- Several selectable games for download
- Added View-display (how many times a download was viewed)
- Display how many downloads have used up the internal traffic added to

In addition, the function "new version available?" has been added which you can use for inform us about a new version of a download. On the main website we've added the "last five uploads/updates" made by an admin/user.

General fixes

In the last few days we've fixed a lot of bugs especially on the download system. There were a bug with the download-system. A download results in a deprecated file :(.
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