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Updated : 6/17/18, 10:00 AM


We are very happy to announce this release, this is the result of the good cooperation which started with the BFH Autoadmin.

The official release statement and additional information can be seen by clicking on "Read more".
GGC is the most efficient way to prevent cheaters from invading your server.
When you configure your server to use GGC's services, you are also helping your fellow admins.
When we all work together, the system catches hundreds of cheaters every week.

However GGC only protects you against that ONE character. A player could simply return on another character.
Most admins however feel that A BAN SHOULD MEAN A BAN, and that's where P4FCC + GGC comes in.

P4FCC has made a deal with GGC to allow us to collect their cheater list.
These will come through to your P4FCC client as soon as they are picked up, and added to your local user database.
When that USER comes onto your server with ANY of their characters, they will be told the reason and booted.

Just to tempt you, and show you how it works, we're letting ALL admins pull the first 100.
In fact ANYONE can try this, because you can download P4FCC and use the built-in dummy server to test the feature!

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10/7/11, 11:47 PM
Its nice to see this on P4F as it was a great success on BFH
11/7/11, 2:59 PM
hmm, give them some weeks, to do this feature a little bit nicer ...