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Updated : 6/17/18, 10:00 AM


    New features released! v1.5.0 6/30/11, 8:05 PM by Daemon

Again, our developers have unlocked serveral features on the website after they completed the the internal beta test. We would like to present the new features in this news:

- Server Banlist
- Dowload Archive
- Hall of Shame - Picture Comments
- Edit Server
Server Banlist
The administration and synchronization of the banlist from a server with more than one admin isn't very simple. So we want to introduce this new feature which makes it possible to enter the GUID or IP address of an unwanted player on the GGC-Stream website. After that, our masterservers will make sure, that the mentioned player can't enter your server anymore.

The following options can be chosen:

- Ban via GUID
- Ban via exact IP (for example
- Ban via IP range (for example -

After specifying the ban criteria you can set the ban period, there you can choose 'permanent' for a lifetime ban or you can type in a date until the ban expires.

This function is available via "My Server" and the new Icon auction-hammer. If you like to import existing bans from the server in to our system, you can click on the icon next to the 'add new entry' icon: script-import Just copy and paste the bans in the text field and confirm the dialogue.

Dowload Archive
There are thousands of more ore less usefull tools in the whole internet. We plan to offer a central download base for this tools. Furthermore we want to allow the users to donate money to the developers of the tools they use as a thanks. Therefore the developers only have to fill out their paypal mail adress. Doing this way makes the life easier for the users and it makes the developpers happy getting a donation for their work.


Tools can be submitted via the new menu point "Submit". They will be checked by our admins. If there are doubts that the sender is the real author of the tool we reserve to ask for the sourcecode of the tool. In addition to that we reserve to delete tools. If the dowload archive gets popular we will add further features.

Hall of Shame - Picture Comments
A little fault in the comment system prevented adding comments and gradings to the hall of shame screenshots. This bug got fixed :).

Edit Server
There was a small error in the selection of external banlists (it could not all be deselected). Of course that was not our intention and the error has been eliminated with this news.
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1/7/11, 12:11 AM
This is great news, coz atm I've been adding GUID bans manually to my servers for those IP refreshers and had to restart the server each time.
This will save me so much work now ;)
1/7/11, 1:26 AM

Since this modification, my server appears "Not Streaming".
1/7/11, 1:27 AM
Problem fixed.
2/7/11, 1:53 PM

I've got 11 servers on my GGC Account - is it also possible to share a ban list ? It's kinda annoying to add bans to every single server.

Looking forward.
2/7/11, 2:19 PM
Developer we are right now working on that problem. shouldnt take long.
2/7/11, 3:40 PM
Great ! Please let us know once the feature is online.
Thanks again.
4/7/11, 10:21 PM
These are some really cool new features! Well done guys!