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Updated : 6/17/18, 10:00 AM


    New features released! v1.4.0 6/21/11, 9:40 PM by Daemon

After passing the beta test our developer team has unlocked some new features on our website. In this news we want to present them shortly.
GUID-Search with external profiles
A big extension was been applied to the guid search. If you type in a guid from a banned player, who has an account on one of our partners sites, it will be shown in the guid search as additional table.


Server Info
The server info view is made for matches in our partner leagues. By using this view both teams of a match can see every details of the specific server. If an admin de-/activates a stream this will result in a logentry with time and datestamp. So it is transparent everybody whether the server streamed during the match or not.
To make this view public, you just need to activate the option „show public“ in the settings of your server.


Game statistics
We worked hard on making the ban statistics for each game more powerfull. The results of our work can be found for every game via the navigation entry „banlist“ continue then with the third icon (/G3kuAAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==). Here you get only the bans initiated by ggc-stream sorted in daily, weekly and monthly output.


Google +1 Button and Twitter Button
Next to every GGC-News is a Facebook „like“ button. As an addition to that we included a button for the twitter network and one for the google service „+1“. If you have an account on one of these platforms you can easy inform your friends about this news. Therefore is only one click necessary.

Howto – New Serverproviders
The server provider „ArtofWarCentral“ was added to our Howto Serversetup. If you have a server from a company which is currently not listed, please send us a few screenshots and a short description about the setup procedure on your serverhoster for other streaming game admins.


RSS Feed for News
The news published on our site are provided in a RSS Feed and can be subscribed via browser or RSS Feed-Reader. To be best informed about actual ggc news have a look on our Facebook and Twitter pages, too.

Job - Section
To keep GGC and to reach our very ambitious goals we need many voluntary helpers. We currently announce many jobs as we look for many crew members. We do not want to show this box on left footer of the page, so we included an area in the left menubar. Every job will be described in detail as well as the needed requirements.

Server - Domain input
From now on it is possible to search server not only via IP adress but also via domains (for example The system will resolve the actual ip.

Server - Usermanagement
Changing the owner of a registered server is no longer complicated. The serverowner just need to add the new owner to the list an add the new owner under the point owner in the mask. Now you just have to confirm this step.
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6/24/11, 12:01 AM
Looking nice...