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Updated : 6/17/18, 10:00 AM


Sadly it's getting more and more popular that players take advantage of using modified skins in Call Of Duty 4. GGC will handle submitted screenshots the following way:
Every screenshot from a server running version < 1.7 will be rejected. This has two reasons. Firstly it's easier to use skins in a previous version. Secondly there are lots of bugs in old versions which might lead to false judgements.

Screenshots from servers running the latest version (actually 1.7) will be accepted and processed as usual. If they show a clear advantage (compared to the normal gameplay), it leads to a ban. This includes bright colours, oversimplified textures or changed iron sights, for example. Every ticket is an individual case assessment.

Serveradmins choose to accept or deny modified game clients by setting the dvar sv_pure. If it's set to 1, only unmodified clients are able to connect, others will be kicked. This function works properly since patch 1.3. Sadly version 1.7 has a bug which still allows players to modify their textures although it's not the intention of the developers (=cheating).

Please consider this before opening tickets containing screenshots as evidence.

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11/3/11, 3:39 PM
+1 !!
11/3/11, 7:35 PM
Dear administrators, I don't understand in what your problem?! In game Call of Duty 4 many clans on all versions and why you стримите all versions, and баните only version 1.7? Actually clans on versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 on much more than on 1.7! The Earnest entreaty accept screens, a demo and on old versions too! Yours faithfully XpIOIIIa!
11/3/11, 8:15 PM
The sv_pure variable doesn't work properly in 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. Running one of this version is an invitation to cheat.
5/14/11, 6:44 PM
seeing i didnt install ANYTHING FROM GGC,how is it YOU CAN BAN PLAYERS?
I give 0 permission to install any software by you.
4/9/11, 2:04 PM
We don't use any special software, but take advantage of every PB feature.
10/6/14, 1:55 AM
Ok, how do we have GGC monitor our 1.6 servers? They say it can be done but how do we do it?
10/6/14, 3:30 AM
Admin Please use your ticket, you have all the necessary informations in it!
5/22/15, 12:37 PM
please stream on badboys publick sd