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Updated : 6/17/18, 10:00 AM


    Merry Christmas 12/24/10, 11:48 PM by KEIOS

Like every year at Christmas time, we want to take a look back on this years events.
What happened in 2010:

GGC Overhauled
In September we had the biggest Event for GGC, since our System was completely overhauled. Our Website, our Masterservers and our Forums were revised and restructured to be up to date and prepared for the future of GGC. We also took your suggestions and wishes to give you new and interesting functions, which should ease the work as a Streaming Admin.
We want to thank you for all the feedback and patience, when sometimes features had to be adjusted.


Thanks to DICE
We also want to thank the DICE Team, which asked for the Feedback of our Community, when they were up to release Medal of Honor. It is good to see that a Developer has Anticheat measures in mind, before releasing a game and communicates with us.

Battlefield Heroes
The next specialty of this year is the high growth of Battlefield Heroes Servers. Due to the support of the Battlefield Heroes Community, we were able to collect over 8000 entries to our banlist in about three months. We supported the game from the very beginning and are now glad to see, that the Community is appreciating our work with their trust. We have build an alliance with the BFH Autoadmin to provide you a better protection, since the combination of our banlist and their players database comparison enables you to not only ban the GUID of a single caught Hero from your server, but to get rid of all Heroes of a Cheaters Account.


Presents for Admins
With the support of Logitech and the Electronic Arts Community Team, we were able to send out some presents to some chosen Serveradmins, whose efforts for the community distinguished them. We would like to thank all others too, whose initiative and effort are strengthening our community.

Link to the News

And to give you a statistical overview of this year, here are some numbers for you:

- We have about 2,933 registered Gameservers on which at the highest times about 11,982 players were playing under GGC protection.

- We have about 7,095,460 known GUIDs in our Database from which 264,322 are on our Banlists.

- At total we have 11,603 Tickets in our Ticketsystem, not included the 3,751 Tickets from the times, when we handled requests over our forums. In 2010 we had 5,190 Tickets which means about 14,2 Tickets a day. The peak was at 23 Tickets a day (in a month with 703 Tickets) which were processed with a team of about 21 GGC Admins.

- There are about 18,881 registered Users in our Forum who have posted over 62,199 times.

But before we forget about what we want to say, we leave the statistics behind and wish you a merry Christmas and happy new and cheatfree year 2011!
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