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Updated : 6/17/18, 10:00 AM


    A big thank you 12/18/10, 1:24 AM by KEIOS

The strength of a community depends not only on the amount of its members, but is significantly determined by the individual effort. Our community is pillowed by each and everyone who is streaming, is supporting others in the forums, helps our cause in other forums, is advertising and most notably is helping us by actively getting involved in our main function, the Anticheatwork. Without these members, our project wouldn't be possible.

We want to thank you especially for this and have decided to give out some Christmas presents to some chosen members. The categories of our choices were the amount of cheatreports and bans. As a big thank you for this, those members will get various articles, which have kindly been sponsored by Logitech and the Electronic Arts Community Team.
We want to thank them as well for the Hardware, that Logitech provided us and for the package of Battlefield Bad Company 2 Merchandising, that was provided by the german Community Manager for Battlefield, Andreas 'Gamm4' Koch.


With actually 491 posted Cheatreports (until 16.12.2010) the Streaming Game Admin vixsis from the [email protected] Clan, qualified for the prize for the most reported cheaters. He and his clan will get the following articles from us:

One Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 and a Battlefield Bad Company 2 Merchandising package consisting of a T-Shirt Size L, a Military Cap, Dogtag and Keyholder.

We want to emphasize here, that his reports are very well prepared and so they make our job much easier. That's why he also gets an USB Stick, shaped like a Bullet.

With the sheer unbelievable amount of 3063 bans on his servers, the SGA ==|HBC|==Bubu from the Hamburger Bagaluten qualified for the next gift pack, consisting of:

A Logitech Gaming Headset G330 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 Merchandising (T-Shirt Size L, Military Cap, Dogtag, Keyholder).

And finally we want to honor a user, whose initiative distinguished him. Due to his efforts, the Battlefield Heroes Community got aware of us and we have now nearly 100 streaming Heroes Servers and about 4000 Cheaters could be banned from this game. As a special thank to him, we are going to send Tcommand a Battlefield Bad Company 2 Merchandising set as well.

To give all others a chance to get some Battlefield Bad Company 2 articles, we are going to raffle a T-Shirt, Caps, Dogtags and Keyholders under the following condition:

Show our colors and advertise us!

To give you some suggestions on how to do it, you can add 'protected by GGC-Stream' to your servers name or link us on your homepage etc. Be creative and post links or screenshots in the comments on how you advertise for us.

The raffle ends on 14th January 2011 and we will contact those with the best and most creative advertisements.
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12/18/10, 4:18 AM
I would like to say well done to Tcommand as i would not be here now if it wasn't for him and his great idea that brought more bans, people and servers from BFH to GGC
12/18/10, 5:55 AM
Definitly was Tcommands posts in the BFH Forum that got me to start streaming GGC. Congradulations on your very much earned recognition!
12/18/10, 2:15 PM
Indeed, without TCommando there would not be so much BFH servers :P
12/18/10, 5:05 PM
Thank you all for this present !

MfG ==|HBC|==Bubu
12/18/10, 9:14 PM
Tcommand told me, that he already has enough BFBC2 Merchandising and so we will give his package to the next nominee.
12/18/10, 11:08 PM
Indeed, but thanks for the news to honor the SGA's from BFH :)
12/20/10, 11:46 PM
Merry Xmas! Nice Job done. Btw, Congrats to the SuperInf.
12/29/10, 4:04 AM
Well done! Enjoy the presents. I also began streaming to GGC becaus eof his Heroes posts :D
12/29/10, 4:23 AM
We have added a thank you to GGC on the HOTW Facebook page :)!/pages/Home-Of-The-Warriors/126003017415445