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Updated : 6/17/18, 10:00 AM


    New Features! 12/15/10, 7:27 PM by KEIOS

Even though it is not Christmas yet, we have some gifts for you already and want to present you our new features.
First of all, you will now find a display for your servers PB version when you enter your "Server Overview". If it is displayed in orange, your version is outdated and should be actualised. The Streaming isn't affected by an older version, but this information is surely useful for you.
And we wouldn't be GGC, if we wouldn't have a handy solution to keep you up to date. Edit your Server in the 'My Server' Panel to let it be updated automatically if you don't have the actual PB version.

The second feature can be found in the GUID Search. Every GUID now gets checked if it was banned globally by Evenbalance (EB Global Ban). Those bans are managed by EB themselves and can only be appealed at Evenbalance.

The third new feature is implemented in our IRC Bot. Now he keeps you up to date, when we have a new entry on our Banlist.

And finally a feature, we have been asked for the most: GGC Ingame Messages!
These Messages can be activated in your Serverpanel, too and at the moment you can activate an ingame advertisement, that your server is streaming to GGC and also when we add a new entry to our banlist.


Of course we are working on further enhancements and we are looking forward to your feedback and comments.

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12/18/10, 11:24 AM
oooooo nice keep up the good work

i have activated show advertisments bud it dont work ????
3/1/11, 1:16 PM
1A   ( the text and the Banns are greater and longer on screen )
on my server work fine :):)