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Updated : 5/26/20, 1:00 AM


    GGC back online! 8/9/10, 6:18 PM by KEIOS

Dear GGC Community,

in the last couple of days, nothing was heard of GGC and many wondered why they were forwarded to our Twitteraccount, instead of getting on our page. The Reason for this will now be revealed:
Now you can see our last weeks efforts. We have updated the whole system around GGC, which includes not only the website and the forums, but also the Masterservers and the backend of our system. With these improvements, we want to pursue our goals more innovative in the future.
What happened in the last weeks:
Our team was busy to create a modern design for our page, work on renewals of old features and to prepare new tools for you. Also the Masterservers were improved to be prepared for the growing GGC community. Part of this is to implement more languages to our website.

We need feedback!
Many things are new and some may have to be polished and refined. So it may take a while, until you get used to it. If you still have troubles, please give us feedback on it in our forums.

The site is now ready to use, but if we really eliminated all the bugs can only be found out with your help in testing. Check out every feature and tell us, if you found some bugs or if you have ideas for further improvements. Further on, the most important features are online, but we are still working on more. Look out for new helpful tools to come in the near future.

We hope, that you like the new site and are looking forward to a growing community and many cheatfree Servers.

GGC-Stream Admin Staff
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12/9/10, 11:26 AM
Just a little question about the new site layout - have you tested this with other browers too ?
In FF (actual version via auto update) it looks good...
In Opera (actual vrsion via auto update) it looks shitty and we miss something
Seam you rework the layout more intensive - hmmm ?
12/9/10, 12:13 PM
Thanks for info.
We'll check it soon.
9/14/10, 5:23 AM
Very much it would be desirable, that site GGC was and in Russian as in Russia it is a lot of visitors of this site. And still. In bookmark Search (GUID) it would be desirable to see all nicknames of the player, and not just five.
9/17/10, 4:55 PM
its not 5 nickname. its more than 5 time used nicks.