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Updated : 6/17/18, 10:00 AM


    Alliance for Fairplay 7/12/10, 4:36 AM by KEIOS

After the word has spreaded in the Battlefield Heroes Community, that GGC provides a very good tool in protecting Gameservers from Visitors, that are not welcome, we are proud to present our new ally.

Together with Autoadmin and its developer Pedro, we fill the gap, the devs of BFH left open. So far, we were only able to ban the hero of a player, that got caught cheating. The deterrence of that was only limited, due to the fact, that every other hero of a player got a new PB GUID and therefore could just play along with that.
Autoadmin provides the perfect add-on, since it checks the heroes database to find out the players account behind that and so it can keep every other hero of the caught player out of the game.

After the very positive feedback on the first tests, the actual version of Autoadmin now provides the comparison of players data with our banlist and sets a new fundament to our efforts in keeping Battlefield Heroes as free from cheats as possible.

We advise our Serveradmins to check out the new features of Autoadmin. Just remember, that having one doesn´t replace the other and the optimal protection can only be guaranteed, when your server is set to stream to us.
More informations on Autoadmin can be found HERE and in the Battlefield Heroes FORUM
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9/12/10, 7:25 PM
Yes, This save me tons of time by not having to uplaod ppl who my server catches in the PB upload option, b/c as the motto goes "once a cheater always a cheater", i dont want ANY of a persons heroes on my server if they think its ok to cheat.
9/12/10, 10:05 PM
u are all loser
9/12/10, 10:07 PM
ps: I MEAN ALL  hacker
10/12/10, 8:11 AM
AA is a fantastic tool! Should be built into the server rentals when it's fully published. Kicking and denying access to about 20+ people per day on our server. Well done Pedro keep up the good work.
11/12/10, 7:56 AM
there should be a search for each game that has GGC and you can cross refrence the hacker to the pictures of the hacker, kind of like a seperate search, this may already be in aaffect but i have'nt found it if it is
11/12/10, 6:07 PM

What does that mean ? EA now stream to ggc with their official servers ?
They officially accept ggc ? That means they finally ban all those pesky cheaters accounts found in the ggc database ?
12/14/10, 1:26 AM
Developer No. Everybody has to set up the stream by on his own.
But oc we are "accepted" by EA. The EA Community Team is supporting us and we won the "EA Community Team Award".