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Updated : 9/28/20, 9:00 PM


With the Holidaypatch, released today, EA delivers the new Version of Dragon Valley for Battlefield 4...
But not only a new map arrives, there are also some changes in gameplay and settings. Some weapons had incorrect magazine sizes, which got fixed. Also some corrections depending the handling of the weapons and the damage they do are done with this patch. The parachute can be customized individually.

Those people, who use the free gametime for Battlefield 4, will only be able to join official server after this patch.

The Netcode got an update too. They implemented a system, which allows to react individual to User's Bandwith and technical capacities. Objects, which have a high samplingrate and need to be reloaded often are only sent with the rate which can be handled on user's site. The Tickrate can slow down for this reason to 20Hz.

But the Higlight at all ist the new free DLC, Dragon Valley. As previously mentioned, Ea created additionally to some other modifications dynamic cloud layers, which make awesome air combats in and above the clouds possible. All wooden bridges are destroyable and repairable again.

In the original Mode at Battlefield 2 there were 10 capable flags, this was now reduced to 8 flags and 8 different Gamemodes are playable: Conquest Large/Small, Obliteration, Air Superiority, Domination,Team Death Match, Gun Master. Squad Death Match, Rush.

Detailed Information and an interesting graphics orignal vs remake comparison you will find in the official patchnotes of EA:
EA Patch Notes(English)
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