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Updated : 9/25/20, 6:00 PM


Last year there was a poll in Battlelog, which of the classic Maps, which were already released in previous games, the Community wants to play in Battlefield 4.
Most people voted for Dragon Valley, which was released with Battlefield 2 ten years ago...
If you want to check out this map, as first test, you are able to do this in the Community Test Environment.
The official roll out of the finished map is planned before christmas with the holiday patch.

When Dragon Valley was released 2005 with BF2, it was a large map with partly low visual range, according to this the map was built.
To bring the yellow dragon's valley on todays standards, the terrain was elabourated into the vertical and, to meet the requirements of these times, the look of this chinese rivervalley was even more customized to the reality.

In Battlelog they talk about Terrain Occlusion, which was raised for long distances, especially for the island in the middle. What do they mean with that ?

It describes a lighting technology, which is complex and CPU intensive. With its help it is possible, to express different kinds of lighteffects, for example reflections, light incidence, refraction, etc. Light is changing all the time, e.g. in Battlefield if your soldier or others walk, buildings appear or Vehicles move, also clouds change dynamic.
All this Variables are a part of the processing, which is done additional to the light render and guarantees more realistic and dynamic parts of light and shadow.

Those of us who love to do airbattles will be satisfied about the dynamic cloud layer. This Cloud Layer has different functions.
For the ground area it hides large distance details, for pilots it provides a borderline between sky and earth. Aerial Combats are now possible in and above the clouds.

With Dragon Valley EA provides a map which is rich in variety and also delivers additional to the huge horizontal size a lot of vertical space.

Who is interested in the graphics difference to BF2, may have a look on this video:

The free DLC, called Legacy Operations, will be available as 2 single Downloads with the holidaypatch. More informations Ea will announce during the next weeks in Battlelog.

Unfortunately the platforms Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are, because of their performance, excluded from this new content. But this doesnt affect important updates, these are even for the future also available for these platforms.
On Playstation 4, Xbox One or PC the new Map will show its full amazing potential und demonstrate a clear difference to the already released content.
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