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Updated : 9/25/20, 5:00 PM


Who did not build architectonic masterpieces with legobricks? Simple Houses, massive castles or huge fantasybuildings ? But someday most people forgot their bricks, sold them, gave them away or just threw them into the garbage can...
Lately since Minecraft the fun with buidling something is growing again. In virtual reality this is no problem, but who has a assortment of legobricks at home? But real construction with your own hands is different, isnt it ? Wouldnt you like to build again a real thing, made of bricks ?

Lego Star Wars or Technic is a challenge. Eiffel Tower or the Millenium Falcon. Or the Grand Prix Racer !
And some kits are really rare. Also some models are really expensive, so much people refuse buying – mostly the finished model finds its place in a rack and gets dusty.

What, if you could rent a kit, build it and give it back again ?

At its possible.
Its a californian company, which offers Lego rental by monthly subscription plans. The first month they offer as free at the moment, all information you need you will find if you visit their website.
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