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Updated : 9/25/20, 5:00 PM


    abstinent cheaters ?! 6/8/15, 3:10 PM by Killerballerina

The Banappeals we get contain a lot of various reasons why the affected GUID should be unbanned...
In some Tickets they declare, the last time cheating ingame was 2 years ago and since then no cheat was used anymore. Its a mystery why ca. 80 % of people, who use this kind of excuse in Banappeals, choose a period of 2 years cleanness. But this only should be mentioned on the edge.

GGC treats cheater since the beginning with the maxim „Once a cheater- always a cheater“. Got someone caught and banned as Cheater, the Ban remains, no matter if the cheat was used last night or 2 years ago.
But why should it be a trustworthy excuse, e.g. a 2 years period of non-cheating ?
Perhaps they wasnt able to cheat on GGC-streaming Servers, just because they didnt had any access to it because of the ban on this GUID? Isnt exactly this the sense of a Ban ?!

The next question follows: Why shouldnt the person start to cheat again, as soon as the ban is lifted?
Of course the User will then report himself when he starts with cheating again, like“Hey, im cheating again, please ban me“?
Ok, this is really quiet utopistic and we will never see the day where this will happen.

So, now and in future GGC still follows the policy „Once a Cheater-always a cheater“, the GUID will stay on our banlist. The affected player may create a complete fresh account and give proof of their fairplay by playing without any Cheats.
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8/13/15, 5:13 PM
In order to follow the policy "Once a Cheater-always a cheater" even better I would really want to see GGC start giving us admins a "Cross Game" ban OPTION like PBBans & ACI offer.
8/14/15, 6:03 PM
I hope that crossgame bans never will take place at GGC. Maybe we need a clear definition of "Once a cheater always a cheater". For me it's more "A GUID that was used for cheating will never get unbanned".
8/15/15, 1:26 PM
@PawelPopolski: When looking at BF3 / BF4 I see plenty of players cheating in both games but only banned by GGC in one of them. Since the PBGUID is the same for both games the OPTION to use crossgame bans would be very helpful to your streaming admins.

When you say: "A GUID that was used for cheating will never get unbanned" still validates the use of crossgame banning.
8/15/15, 1:43 PM
I forgot the fact, that the games are connected with the account and the account is connected with a single GUID. So I have to change my definition. But I think you got what I want to express.

You are talking about people cheating obviousley in several games. I'm talking about players, that cheated in ONE game (don't let's discuss about the reasons), got caught and now want to play fair and clean in another game.

Everone has his own opinion about crossgame bans - I mine these type of ban is one step away from legality.
8/15/15, 2:24 PM
One step away from legality? Really?
Crossgame banning by PBGUID does not even have the same impact as a VAC ban. How about the legality of that?

Fact is GGC is the only 3rd party PB streaming service not offering crossgame banning.

I'm pretty sure many of your streaming admins would like to have the OPTION to do crossgame bans. Again I say OPTION.
8/17/15, 9:17 AM
I think cheaters deserve a second chance, everyone can improve
8/23/15, 10:10 AM
I hope that cross game ban OPTIONS take place at GGC very soon. :)

Some of you can spend your time chasing the same hacks, kicking over and over. Me personally If I ban one compromised account I do not want to see the same account in another game I play when I know it is compromised.
2/9/15, 1:51 PM
If I create a new account and play with new CD Key then i will not be kicked out of the server?
9/16/15, 10:26 PM
@ PaweĊ‚,
what a "nice" showcase of Polish community...

Gaming world would be better if there were "bans on faces" - once a cheater = once a looser = bye bye online gaming for soooooooo long (and even longer than that), no matter whether it is BF od CoD or CS. Guys would think twice before cheating.
Unfortunately, we've got a bunch of smartasses, who buy another CD-key after they've got banned.

Crossgame bans rules!
9/20/15, 8:33 AM
Fairfight supports a.o. bans on hardware id's. So if someone has got a ban there, its even more difficult to play again for the affected account.

Crossgame Bans are difficult - people are different. Just to remind: there are cheater, who cheat for fun and on the other hand someone who only tested it once, or a e.g. guy who uses a family pc and his dad used his account for cheating. All possible.
2/5/17, 6:46 PM
2/5/17, 10:34 PM