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Updated : 9/25/20, 6:00 PM


Until 4th of May you can get your hands on a Aries Dog Tag with a Knife Kill - the latest Community Mission makes it possible...
Heres the direct Link to the Mission:

An Aries Dog Tag - "wtf are we at PsychicNews right now or on a Battlefield? " some may think that.

But why not ? If astrology survived centuries, why not even on Battlefield ?
Perhaps there is really a grain of truth in these zodiac signs and could it even be possibly crucial to the fight for the last Ticket ?

Here might be a chance for a deeper View with this attempt at an Astrology Analysis:

A Soldier, born in the sign of Aries, is well known for his purposefulness. Often he is found in action as Assault. Confidently he is fighting in the front line and doesnt get scared of a bit hail of bullets - no, only then he feels really comfortable.

He loves to hear the grenades fly around his ears and to leave a trace of bullets behind. Indeed this can lead to a more and more choleric scream for ammo - better give him some.

Most of the time he is one of the first, trying to conquer the first Base - cost what it may. He prefers the direct way, long-winded tactics arent his cup of tea.
As Recon he would feel like being in the wrong position, because he loves getting involved in a battle, come hell or high water. His slogan is: Right in the middle of it instead of just being there.

Playing the Support Soldier he would also be a misfit, his propensity for showmanship would badly agree with the ammosupply of teammates.

Who is willing to give a bullet for a kingdom ?

Same for the Engineer, even here the Aries Soldier is less enthusiastic than face to face with the enemy. What is the "clonk" of a wrench compared to the sound of a machine gun?

Aries do prefer battles in street canyons of urban jungles, from time to time its ok for them to fight under pinewood trees, too.
His Teammates find in him an active, cheerful and self-confident buddy who doesnt think twice. If you let him make his appearance, you will often end up winning the round.

Have fun with the mission ;)

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