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Updated : 9/25/20, 6:00 PM


Do you already know the different Holiday Events of Battefield Heroes and Play4free? Here you ll find a short Overview.
Battlefield Play4free

Secret Santa - Make a wish, its only a few restrictions.

Write your most wanna have Item in the linked Thread just as wish, poem, short movie or draw a picture. Become creative !

Play4free Mousepad Giveaway - Signed Mousepads

Post in the linked Thread why especially you should get one of these rare Mousepads. You have time till 13/12/2014 to enter.

Holiday Postcard Event - design a Holiday Postcard and win 10.000 Funds.

Let your creativity run free and create a Holiday themed postcard. You ll find the rules in the linked Thread. Entry can be made there till 11/12/2014.

Battlefield Heroes

Also here is

Secret Santa - make a wish, as poem, movie, artwork or just written.

Rules you ll find in the linked Thread.

Battlefield Heroes T Shirt Giveaway - at least 63 T- Shirts in different sizes are wating for their new proud owners. 6 Shirts in size Large are signed. Read the Rules and Regulations in the linked Thread before you post there. This Event ends on 13/12/2014.

Holiday Postcard Event - design a Holiday themed postcard and win 10.000 Funds.

Even at Heroes you have the chance to win 10.000 Funds. Create a Holidaythemed Postcard and post it in the linked Thread. Entries are possible till 11/12/2014.

Community December Giveaway - now the 5th edition !

You can enter daily on the Giveaway Site with your Accountname and any reachable Emailadress. They announce winners daily, prizes are different. Its a community based Event running till the end of december 2014.

Make sure to read the rules and regulations regarding these different Events, all given in the linked Threads.

Good luck !
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