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Updated : 9/28/20, 8:00 PM


    Policy change regarding 3D Sights 2/27/14, 7:23 PM by Ron

3D technology in the field of online multiplayer games is getting more and more important we discussed in the last few days very intensively with publishers and affected people. This was due to various GGC Bans related to 3D Crosshairs initiated by official drivers .
So far we principally banned for 3D Crosshairs because they constitute an interference in normal operation and give an advantage to the user over other players - In the case of Battlefield 3 , for example, players with 3D Crosshair have a crosshair though this is deliberately disabled by the game for example in hardcore mode .
After tests and extensive research into the topic we decided to stop banning for 3D Crosshairs , since it is nearly impossible to aim without such a crosshair in stereoscopic 3D mode.
For server admins of Hardcore servers this decision brings a amount of extra work with it , but we do not want to be opposed to new technology and therefore also players that have been banned in the past for 3D crosshairs will be unbanned .
For affected players , that means:

1. Submit A Ticket
2. The text inlcude exactly which monitor has been used
3. Furthermore, the driver and its version must be provided

As we have throughout the year very high ticket numbers , you may have to wait 1-3 days for your answer . We apologize for this .
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2/27/14, 8:29 PM
One of the most important message to the anti-cheat community. The chaters will be banned, clean players that are using new technologies will be not banned. I'm glad that you have changed the policy on this. Very good decision !
2/27/14, 8:35 PM
Absolutely welcome news and a very good decision
2/27/14, 10:55 PM
I think, you almost called me a cheater because of 3d driver, isn't it?

I was banned a month ago for 3D monitor and legal 3D software. I asked for unban me and some have said I am a cheater because I have an advantage over normal players. What now you think? Is a 3D crosshair really an advantage over other players?

I need some kind of satisfaction...

2/28/14, 4:23 AM
Masz buzi Dart :D

GGC stream restored.
2/28/14, 6:34 PM
No rozmarzyłem się... :*

dzięki za poparcie i pomoc...

do boju,

8/30/14, 1:04 AM
8/30/14, 1:16 AM
8/30/14, 1:16 AM
8/30/14, 1:17 AM
8/30/14, 1:24 AM
Core Stop spamming with useless comments that have nothing to do with this issue.