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Updated : 6/17/18, 10:00 AM


Great news for all, which are tired of downloading and analyzing PB screenshots. offers a free service for almost all gameserverproviders which simplifies the daily routine for all serveradmins.
The Service works with all punkbustersupported games and bases on a browserinterface. For your registration you do not even need an email address. After registering you need to enter the basic data from your server including IP, port, and FTP or HTTP data. Then you are almost done, just enter a PBUCON line into your pbsv.cfg similar to the manual setup of ggc-stream.
After registering your server you will get all your pb screenshots clearly and organized in your browser. For all those serveradmins with a large amount of screenshot there is an automatically analyzing feature too. It allows to look through the screenshots and search for suspicious colors.
One more amazing feature is, to get more screenshots from a suspicious player through one click. You can take a look at the other screenshots from that player during the time he played on a registered server. So it will be much easier to find enough evidence to report a player to us.

Of course the foundation for this service is the correct configuration of pb screenshots on your gameserver. For all those who have not configured it yet this tutorial could be very useful. It is written for BF2 but can be used for all other games too.

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Tutorial to setup automatically pb screenshots
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2/27/12, 7:50 PM
Indeed, another nice project! +1
2/27/12, 8:56 PM
nice :)
3/3/12, 2:46 PM
The PBSS tut seems to miss this out, so here are the best PBSS settings for BFH and BFP4F:

PBSS centre view:

PB_SV_SsWidth 800
PB_SV_SsHeight 408
PB_SV_SsXpct 50
PB_SV_SsYpct 50
PB_SV_SsSrate 2


PBSS upper view: (which I use)

PB_SV_SsWidth 800
PB_SV_SsHeight 408
PB_SV_SsXpct 50
PB_SV_SsYpct 1
PB_SV_SsSrate 2
3/3/12, 9:53 PM
Admin I definately not recommend the usage of pb_sv_ssrate 2 as it dramatically reduces the quality of the pbss ergo analysis of the screens is much harder. For better quality use pb_sv_ssrate 1.
5/3/12, 1:23 AM
pb_sv_ssrate 1 is not very good tbh, I'd rather have it set to pb_sv_ssrate 2 as you can see more of the PBSS.

you can have a look through the hall of shame to compare
5/3/12, 1:30 AM

pb_sv_ssrate 2:

pb_sv_ssrate 1:

As you can see pb_sv_ssrate 2 shows a lot more of the PBSS whereas if it was set to pb_sv_ssrate 1 you may of missed something important.
5/3/12, 5:52 AM
5/3/12, 5:58 AM
we think they are hackers:Attempted: w=320 x h=200 at (x=80%,y=80%)
Resulting:w=1 x h=200
more than 90 % of the players get this results:Attempted: 320 x 200
Resulting: 320 x 200
Samplerate: 1
5/3/12, 7:30 AM
Please don't post PBSS with full GUID and name in public!
5/3/12, 7:24 PM
AHI Nato
3/27/12, 11:20 AM
[email protected]
5/23/12, 7:23 PM
any one know how to put the right config for bf3
to see the screenshots in full
6/29/12, 12:08 AM
For me the is offline! Is the website over?
7/24/12, 10:28 AM
And if you remove the leaves or some of the objects in the config file is considered cheating?Because in game kod5 (1.0) many who do this ...
7/24/12, 12:56 PM
Admin Your comment does not have anything to do with this news.
2/15/13, 9:44 AM
I want know, what config to any player enter in my server (all Players) print 1 ss automaticly... an reply iat 30 mins???