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Updated : 17/06/2018 10:00


We are aware of the alleged "AHK" issues, but Evenbalance do not find these violations to be triggered in error, and we at GGC haven't been able to reproduce these violations, by using the same program -/s (yet).

Violations #79551, #89246, #89296 and #89229 (BF3 only!) confirmed to be triggered by "Auto Hot Key", in some cases and they have been changed to "Restriction kicks". Bans removed for these violation #'s (BF3).
We are also aware of what PBBans have chosen to do, but as EB haven't confirmed it to be "false-positives" and we haven't been able to reproduce a violation kick/ban yet - using different AHK's - these violations will stay for now.

If Evenbalance change these violations to "false-positives" GGC will remove them a.s.a.p. If we manage to reproduce them ourself (still testing), they will be removed from our system.

UPDATE 12.02. 23:45

Violations have been confirmed to be triggered by using AHK for at least 20 minutes.

There might be problems with other applications using parts of AHK too.

Violations #89246 and #89296 removed and bans lifted


We have now removed the barrages on the affected GUID's. Please note, that this is in Battlefield3 only!

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12/02/2012 13:23
You should remove them. It has made too much mess so far and only 1% of the banned deserved it
12/02/2012 13:40
We relie on PB and the creators of PB (evenbalance) do not find it to be an error. Futhermore, we haven't been able to trigger any of these violations (yet). Everytime a new check, ban a large amount of players, similar things happends. This time it's "AHK" someone started to use as an excuse and the result is, that more and more use the same excuse.

Please note, that I do not say it's not possible - else we wouldn't even try to reproduce it.

With the "fake bans" 70% of all appeals afterwards stated, that this had happend to them - they will try anything... Se my point? What other ACC's chose to do, is up to them, but at this point we relie on EB/PB viol# and also test.
12/02/2012 14:25
BBDK thanks for the quick response, however, i understand you guys are trying to do the best you can to keep hackers away, would it be possible to post a thread of the background programs that pb kicks you for in bf3.
Also if it wasnt auto hot keys that kicked me, what else could have been the cause, because i only had teamspeak 3, origin, tune up utilities 2012,my realtek audio manager and procon running in the background, along with auto hot keys? Not everyone is a hacker, there are people that are innocent. Surely they should implement kicks for this instead of bans if they find these programs in the background, and then warn the user to close that program. Im not flaming you guys but just trying to understand better and also maybe offer some feedback.
12/02/2012 14:29
After removing my fullscreen script I did not get any violations on PB servers anymore.

Most likely, the guys over at PBBans did test this as well before they removed 200+ bans from their list...
12/02/2012 15:17
i delate all mouse soft ,driver, destroy my gamer mouse please delate ban in this time all know new rules !!!
if your say in battlog new rules i think meny people and your dont have a problem
12/02/2012 15:44
I too delite all mouse driver. Mouse - X7. Plz delate my ban. :(
12/02/2012 15:50
@BBDK: i have two programs for you to test, since they seem to use AHK code (but the user doesnt need to use AHK itself, so he doesnt know about it):

And my beloved Dropbox as a portable version:

One of those *MUST* be the cause for my ban, since after removing them, i never got kicked by PB anymore.
Please try them out. If positive, this would also show that people even get banned without using/knowing about Autohotkey themselves...
12/02/2012 16:14
I have been able to reproduce the PB violation once on my own BF3 server - although I had to run around for about 12 minutes before I got kicked while my AHK fullscreen script ran.

I'm not sure if this is pure coincidence - I got kicked while I was trying to shoot at a wall holding down the weapon to minimize recoil - maybe PB only kicks if it detects AHK + mouse movement characteristics specific to a no-recoil script?

Could not reproduce this a second time so far...
12/02/2012 17:10
search "no recoil BF3 script" on youtube and you'll understand exactly why they aren't lifting these bans, good riddance.
12/02/2012 17:34
Macro on shooting on 3 bullets it cheat? It so sad
12/02/2012 18:24
you dont get kicked instantly, it can take between a few minutes and half an our.
So in order to be sure about the PB check, you need to play an hour.
At least thats my experience, but i guess the admins know this already :P

After removing Dropbox portable and always-on-top i played a whole evening without a single pb kick.
12/02/2012 18:36
I was surprised that all the bans were lifted by pbbans...
In the same way external softwares gives the advantage to the players on online games and then they get banned for hacks the macros must be the same way because its the same thing!

I don't believe on the excuses about the configs of other games because the only thing that i believe that is fair and can be used its the key blinds for weapons on the keyboard and mice, the rest its ban ban ban!

I'm one more to quit playing Battlefield 3 because i don't trust on the players that were caught and after this unban i will always suspect of most players that i don't know and they kill alot, after knowing that is LEGAL to use macros.

bye bye Battlefield 3...
12/02/2012 19:03
1. macros does NOT give you an advantege. Macros are for lazy poeple and maybe help them in certain situations but macros never make a player skilled if he is low.
2. BF3 is really really sh*t game full of bugs etc. and for someone is just neccesery to bind some keys because game isnt able to do so.
3. Look at BF2 - million of macros were used in that game and no-one said a word. Community just accepted it and PB never banned for that.
4. compare ANY macro made in AHK and mor example wallhack. Seriously there should be more effort to ban obvious cheaters who pay for their cheats. However, its obviously easier to ban 90% innocent and 10% cheaters for macros, at least PB poeple look like they are doing something.,
12/02/2012 19:03
The point is that PB does not scan for macros being used in Battlefield 3. PB is using a very crude form of detection that appears to only look for AHK running. I have sent my AHK script to admins and it only contains volume control, and a mapping for when I'm programming. I'm sure as admins continue testing, they will find this triggers a ban. As a previous user said it may take a bit of playing in a server before the ban is triggered. Maybe play for around 30 minutes first if the ban is not immediately triggered.

Lots of people do not seem to have heard of AHK before BF3, but it is popular among developers/programmers/power users because it allows you to automate a lot of tasks by assigning key bindings to entries. It is really just a scripting language that someone used to create an illegal script in. If someone created a hacking script in Python, would you ban everyone who is running Python? Of course not, you would only ban the users running the illegal scripts.

Do you honestly believe that someone should get banned in BF3 just because they used this software, even if it was in no way related to BF3? Even Balance should be only banning users once they detect an illegal AHK script (no-recoil) is being run. Even Balance is lazy and took the easy way out, which results in legitimate users being banned. The argument now becomes: do you unban everyone and let a few hackers and many innocents go free, or do you keep everyone banned. Cheaters only cheat to make other legitimate players angry. This is really the "ultimate cheat" as it has ended up in legitimate users being banned.
12/02/2012 19:09
Unbar are planned or not?
12/02/2012 19:14
Lift these bans please, and start banning the REAL cheaters!
12/02/2012 19:18
Well in my case i was banned at the end of the round. :/. Im an admin for a gsp and i understand all the things about hackers, scripting for faster shots etc etc, but this script i was trying to run (didnt work) was coz my mouse sometimes failed when u went to the deploy menu, wouldnt let me choose kits and i had to manually use my arrow keys to click on a spawn point. so i was trying to make a macro that selects the class to see if it would do that, but ye. Im banned. Guess i have to get another key.
12/02/2012 19:30
@renatta: the bans have been lifted - but the PB violation is still active - so everyone that is using AHK scripting will still be kicked and probably banned...
12/02/2012 19:46
Well, I'm not banned on PB according to PBBans. So I'm still waiting for GCC to lift my ban.
12/02/2012 19:53
GGC: Always quantity over quality...
12/02/2012 20:40
Admins, unbar are planned or not?
[email protected]
12/02/2012 20:48
have read this link and I got a G15 and G13, G9 logitech so get ban becouse of my keyboard ?
I dont use any macros this isnt smell right you are goin ouver the edge now.
What I do now open the window and throw out and you guys give me my dash back LOL
GGC is over the quality LOL they are over and far I now that is going over what they can see on your computer invasion of privacy this is what I call
12/02/2012 22:19
If you unban these autohotkeys users can we get a community banlist created to exclude them from our servers?
I dont want to be playing with these no recoil skilless hacks, just more rotten apples in my book.

Macros arent the issue, people are clearly using that as a scape goat just to whine and cry. it's the script kiddies copy and pasting auto compiled scripts they see in youtube videos or pull from hack forums so they dont get any recoil. Just look at the sheer amount of videos passing out no recoil scripts on youtube, there's more of them than flat out hack selling videos, I do not to play with these loosers nor should my server regulars have to.

I use a G19 and G700, have a few usefull ingame macros, no issues here. You can macro to your wittle hearts content, just dont start compiling auto exe scripts to defeat the games mechanics and trying to run them in memory, thats been a banable offence ever since punkbuster was created, it was just never enforuced until we got this wonderful client side detection.
12/02/2012 23:44
Admin Just amazing how people can have no idea at all.

Will update the news now.
13/02/2012 00:07
Thank you Freakzter06! You guys did the right thing. It's not worth banning many innocent users just to catch a few hackers.
13/02/2012 06:35
Thx admins! Good job.
13/02/2012 06:40
No recoil scripts is cheating, but putting AHK in as EB did here, is a bit over the top. The two violations is removed from our system, as they are to widespread.

@To the haters:
GGC do not unban for 100% valid viol# and especially not, when EB in countless tickets, have stated that they wasn't triggered in error! Only if it (like in this case) raises flags and only after testing it for us self (more than just one kick/ban) GGC unban! Why?

1) 100% PB viol# confirmed by EB
2) New checks also create a lot of ban appeals - and the cheaters tend to be "copy-cats" and uses the same, or almost the same, excuses.
3) We relie on the PB software and when "1)" is in play, we protect our SGA's and their users!
13/02/2012 07:38
Thanks - good job, victory for justice.

In most western countries justice is based on the "presumption of innocence", so someone is innocent until the opposite has been proven.

Just looking into the process list for an autohotkey process without looking at the script that is running can't prove that the user is cheating - Evenbalance would *never* get away with that kind of argumentation in court if a player would sue them.
13/02/2012 08:50
Great news!

Too bad that cheaters will get away but victory for the innocent.
13/02/2012 10:17
omg thx admin!!! great day .i go to drink vodka!!!
13/02/2012 11:22
Hmm still getting the errors
13/02/2012 11:39
Yes, PB still kick for it, but you will not get banned by GGC. So PB servers still kick "no recoil" cheaters (or at least AHK users). Remember, that EB do not find these viol# to be an error. We just find it to wide spreaded, just for catching players using "no recoil" and similar cheat macros/codes.
13/02/2012 12:47
Great news, glad to be playing again! thx
13/02/2012 13:03
admin i have problem, lag mouse this your made or not i shoot ,shoot all good and 3-5 sec wild lag ((( this not good
[email protected]
13/02/2012 15:38
ok why ban for using AHK and not only a Kick from server till remove the program and the they can join the server again.

becouse AHK isnt only a script for game you can make program to look Web APIs [AHK-B + AHK-L+Unicode] and alot more the guys using for no recoil and other things
is guys with no skills.
13/02/2012 16:10
@[email protected]
That would have been the best, but why, how or etc. is questions you need to direct to Evenbalance. GGC has no more influence in this, than you do.
13/02/2012 16:15
@Freakzter06 + BBDK:
thanks for your kind help, your support in reproducing the problem and of course the lifted bans!
Gives me a good feeling to know, that u guys don´t just blindly rely on EB but try to analyse and decide those cases yourself!

Gives me a better feeling to know this....and so i will stream to you guys again (i did with BFBC2), as soon as we have a server for BF3 :P

I would like to see scripters changing gameplay get banned too, but as you correctly say, those AHK-Violations are just too wide spread.
Good decision, now on to finetuning for those scripters :))

13/02/2012 17:12
Admin As a side note, we will not support this fullbash without any proof that players are using macros to have an advantage in game.

I've tried some ways to reproduce it and there is no difference in suing different macros, even just havind autohokey running without a macro lead to a kick.

Those that do not want macro users on their server might use pb_sv_restrictions 2, even though this doesn't work always.
14/02/2012 03:55
hi all, macros in bf3 help play long time and help noobs)))) and only in metro this no cheat push your mouse 1.5-2 sec = macros, they in EB dont banned privat cheat meby they made this sheat ?
EA need made new anticheat with good protect !!!!
all noobs always say me i cheater i have good support tactic i always shoot shoot and shoot push mouse 1,5-2 sec this best macros
meby big 3d monitor or hi-end overlocing sistem cheat too
this no sport this game people working go to home and they dont have joing always fuck mouse
14/02/2012 09:30
#50340 what about this violation i get it free without doing something !!only logginn a there it was wow being kick banned for aimbot ..