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    Fakebans or not? 25/01/2012 20:39 by Komandar

Today we would like to answer the questions that have been discussed on many forums and newspages these days, if we or other Anticheat Communitys do have fakebans. The answer can't be given with just a simple yes or no. We have to dig a little deeper into this topic.
Punkbuster is build to create logs about anomalies like detections of manipulated game processes by cheats. Our Serveradmins allow us to use those logfiles by streaming to us. The Problem about this is, that the process can be manipulated by modifying a gameservers Punkbustersoftware and so Punkbuster could be used to fake a violation with any GUID and Nickname which is then submitted to our banlist via the streaming function.

We do ask ourselves where the security hole at GGC is that some people are talking about now. It's a fact, that the problem is not GGC-Stream, but Punkbuster itself and Evenbalance is aware of that for years now. So it is nothing new about it. Not for us, nor PBBans or others, who have to deal with fake ban attacks:

Pbbans Bans
Pbbans Statement #1
Pbbans Statement #2

We have tried several times to contact Evenbalance and its supporters, even by using their Ticketsystem, to talk about this problem, but only had little success in doing so. Those bans have been detected fast by our system and were removed, so there was no bigger damage done. As said above, we know about this since 2008 and we relied on highest possible security measures, but as you might imagine, there is no 100% security, when the problem with PB is not fixed.

Since there were many accusations against us, we want to give some short statements here:

question Why did it take so long to give an answer?
GGC-Stream is a project by volunteers. Every Demo that has to be analysed and so every News that has to be written, is work that has to be done in spare time. We had to collect those accusations and questions first and are trying now to give you answers, instead of giving single fragments from time to time.

Besides collecting informations, we had to collect logentries as well to press charges against the attackers. We had to get in contact with our Partners like Electronic Arts and DICE as well to inform them about recent events. All of that takes time.

question Can you remove the fake bans?
Yes, but it can take a little time. We have a lot of Cronjobs running, that check our Website and Databases at different times. Those fake bans were detected and removed by our scripts and were only active for a short period. There wasn't even a manual removal by an Admin necessary, which proves that those kind of bans do not stay long at GGC. If it should be still the case that there is a fake ban in our system, our Admins can remove them manually and if you feel you fell victim to a fake ban attack, please contact our team by using our Ticketsystem to appeal your ban.

question GGC is tampering Informations on their Website!
We had to smirk while reading that. Yes, they might have looked tampered because of caching. We had removed a ban of a player for example who was already able to play again, but our website still showed an active ban against him, since those informations were cached. To avoid that in future, we will add a delay on our website.

question Some person is claiming that we are covering things up.
We are trying to give you as much transparency on our project as possible. That's why we are giving you any Information that we are legally allowed to. We release Statistics and our Partners are getting every Information needed, like when a player is unbanned for example. We are archiving every proof according to german laws as well and can show them to those concerned even years after an incident.

GGC-Stream has even been taking legal actions against this person, because of his actions to damage our reputation. It is not a suprise, that he is trying to blame us again without knowing backgrounds.

question Do not play on GGC Servers to be safe from fakebans.
As said before, it is a problem with Punkbuster itself. It doesn't matter if your server is streaming to GGC, PBBans, PsB, GV, ACI or someone else. In the end, every Anticheat Community is vulnerable to fakebans, as long as Evenbalance does not fix that hole.

question Why have ESL Admins been removed from the banlist so fast?
Everyone should know, that players in higher positions get aware of those incidents faster, than players who do not read forums and news regularly or play only from time to time. The ESL is an official Partner of GGC and we do have direct contact persons (like we do have with other scenes and communitys as well). Those persons have been contacted and we checked their cases like we do with every other case as well and since the evidence did not stand a check, their bans have been removed and our other partners have been informed.

question Perform better checks and security measures like other Communitys do!
We do check the same things like others and sometimes even more. What we do not want is, that Serveradmins have to wait unnecessarily or are harassed.

When a Serveradmin registers a server, there are several automatic processes running to check the Server and its Admin in the background. We also use different interfaces from other Partners and Communitys in this process, which affect the denial or acceptance of a server.

question But the XXX Site claims something else!
It's a shame that only few sites asked for an interview to hear what we have to say and only multiplied the propaganda of cheater forums with links. Due to their lack of journalistic standards and the hunt for headlines, some of them make themselves to willing instruments of the Cheatscene. There were many claims and advises that totally lacked facts nor that were founded on statements from us.

So we ask those Websites to check and update their statements to avoid misinformation. Furthermore we would like to advise them, that they are welcome to contact us to get answers and avoid further false statements.
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26/01/2012 05:16
"We are trying to give you as much transparency on our project as possible."

Thats what i like. Nothing to hide.

I really hope the gaming world wakes up and realize that ppl are working in their FREE time on AC projects. Plus forced to work for Evenbalance due they have no forum ect.

Thanks for the statement!
26/01/2012 18:56
punkbuster has known of this hole for over 5 years and hasn't bothered to do a damn thing about it.......I think it's time to let EB and PB die the miserable death they deserve and maybe EA will wake up and create their own ENCRYPTED anti cheat system. When you need 3rd party sites to handle streaming that should indicate a serious issue with the underlying system.
26/01/2012 20:34
So if I was banned by mistake and even have no GUID for this, what shuld I do to get back on servers with PB ASAP?
27/01/2012 06:48
It is good to see a offical statment. Unforutantly we are stuck between a rock and a hard place with PunkBuster needing it for streaming but also be full of security risks that can be comprimised and make everyone's gaming life much harder.
If Evenblanance fails to still do anything hopefully someone decides to step up to write their own anti-cheat program as Punkbuster is many years old and run by a company that dosen't seem to care.
27/01/2012 10:47
PunkBuster don't have ther skills any more like they used to, the cheats are bigger and code's are high quality. I think it's time to cread engine's like THESGL is using now, after all they wher the first that banned for CH. Making that type of engine's for GameServers increase the level of security.
31/01/2012 05:23
Im kicked by GGC-STREAM on a server i dont play of some time
i dont use hack so what happend??
31/01/2012 06:29
07/02/2012 06:42
i really dont no what doing Punkbuster,but by Punkbuster work both from goat milk milks!
your anticheat was,will and there is not reliable!!!!
you do not believe, even if you pay
07/02/2012 21:56
07/02/2012 22:08
08/02/2012 08:04

Please use the ticket system for ban appeals!
15/02/2012 14:39
At least punkbuster did not fake banned me.
@cotton "I really hope the gaming world wakes up and realize that ppl are working in their FREE time on AC projects. Plus forced to work for Evenbalance due they have no forum ect."

Working for free to do a poor job still makes for a poor solution.
13/06/2012 15:34
my son has been banned for nothin
15/06/2012 14:26
Admin @yonik47
we will discuss this topic in your ticket. Your son has not been banned for nothing, he has been legitimately banned for cheating as I already told you.
15/07/2012 13:37
i still didnt get unban and it was fakeban i didnt cheat i got banned for 137h a year ago unban pls
12/09/2012 19:29
12/09/2012 19:29
16/09/2012 11:32
(GAMEHACK) #89241 GGC-Stream
31.03.12 22:20 ELFFECT 109.184.*.* Violation (MULTIHACK)
I did not use any cheats never gave me what I now do not bank on the same server can not play (((where to go to unban me?