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Updated : 6/17/18, 10:00 AM



Looks like the Battlefield 3 developer Digital Illusions also known as DICE takes the critics of the community seriously. One of the BF3 Community Managers of EA confirmed that in a forumthread. In addition to that he published a list of changes and additional features wanted by the community which will be included in the next patches.

For GGC the most interesting addition is the comeback of the battlerecorder. Already in BF2 and BF2142 the battlerecorder made it possible to bust many cheaters and to ban for hacks which are not visible in Punkbusterscreenshots.
Therefore we talked several times to DICE and made advertisement for the battlerecoreder. GGC is very appreciated about this positive official statement regarding this topic.

Beyond the battlerecorder BF3 Communitymanger crash7800 confirmed the following additions and changes in the upcoming updates:

- In-game VOIP
- Various nerfs including Taclight
- Changes to chat window (size, positioning)
- Additional changes to squad interface, including the ability to make squads
- Beep beeps
- Squad and in-game interface changes
- Improvement of TV Missiles
- Addtional Color-Blind Mode

In the official forumthread it is said explicitly that this list of changes is just on the agenda of the developers and that there is no definitive date until the features and changes are implemented into the game or within which patch they are included.
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11/26/11, 1:23 PM
Great news!
11/26/11, 5:06 PM
11/27/11, 8:15 PM
11/27/11, 9:37 PM
11/28/11, 12:09 AM
I do hope that BR will be a reality!
11/29/11, 12:12 AM
great news
11/30/11, 2:24 PM
- Changes to chat window (size, positioning)

Thanks god! That chat poping up everytime a noob says some bullshit is a pain in the ass.
1/12/11, 2:53 PM
Great effort on your part GGC with respect to the BR, thanks. Any idea if they'll add a rewind button ( if that's even possible ) ?
12/23/11, 2:42 AM
Is this before or after they fix the bloody game
9/1/12, 1:06 PM
1/19/12, 1:42 AM
What about Vip/Reserve slots?
1/26/12, 12:31 PM
Agrees with Fugasmic, I keep getting kicked, "Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster" who incidentally, from what I can gather, receive their data from GGC-Stream (The weak link apparently).
According to Even Balance founder Tony Ray Punkbuster is not itself but by the third-party GGC Stream list kept spellbound fraudsters target of attacks. This volunteer-run database to collect numerous multiplayer servers for different games cheat and locks them out from the game. The GGC-Stream operates more thorough than the standard Punkbuster is the project's undoing: The GGC Stream list covers more cheaters and is the party of cheat programs therefore an eyesore.

Like the is fansite reports, at GGC active in the "unban" of work unfairly suspended players. In addition, Draco tries According to project 'with special algorithms to filter out these attacks. "Injured party may also directly contact GGC to lift the ban again.

I'm still waiting?
1/29/12, 6:51 AM
Your are mixing things up here. This news item has absolutely nothing to do with the resent attacks! You being kicked from games "randomly"(!!??), why should that have something to do with GGC? In the way your are writing it (error given), it sounds more like clientserver side problems = you and/or Punkbuster software it self!

If you are banned from GGC streaming servers, then appeal

If you are having generel Punkbuster problems or game problems contact Evenbalance and/or DICE.

Futher than that, you should read up on things, before you post! Then you wouldn't poste such nonsens and mix several different issues into each other.

If you are banned, and you appeal got denied, then you are not one of the ones, who got framed by people without any conscience.
7/5/12, 4:04 AM
Still no BR! :(
7/29/12, 11:43 PM
9/23/12, 9:05 PM
2/10/12, 2:56 PM