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Updated : 6/17/18, 10:00 AM


Again, our developers have unlocked serveral features on the website after they completed the the internal beta test. We would like to present the new features in this news:

- Server Banlist - Likes
- Search - Local/Mass Guid
- More Statistics
Server Banlist - Likes
In the last news we already shed some light about the server banlist, which should now work properly as all known bugs have been fixed. Apart from that we'd like to present some more features for this banlist system with this news.

From now on you can "like" the banlist of another GGC user, which is basically a banlist sharing system.
If a player gets banned by one of these lists, the other lists which "like" that list will also enforce this ban.
In case you have several servers you can also create a global banlist which will be used for all of your servers. This should extremely decrease the administration effort you had to do before.

To "like" a banlist you have open the user profile of the person running the server banlists you want to like, e.g. our Daemon:

There you choose the server from which you'd like to enforce the banlist via the icon auction-hammer.
Near the upper right border you click on the heart icon to get a menu where you can choose for which of your servers you want to enforce these bans.

Search - Local GUID

This new search feature will allow players to search for a ban which serveradmins added manually (instead of an automatical GGC-Stream ban) for their server.

If an entry is found, the player can click on the server and the server admins will be displayed (prerequisite is that the server is displayed publicly on and not hidden (edit server settings)) with which he can get in touch through the private messaging system of our board.

Search - Mass GUID

We've added another search function for server admins, namely "Search - mass GUID". With this one you're able to query several GUIDs at a time whether they are banned by us or not.

This gives server admins the ability to check up to 10 GUIDs at a time. In case a higher check amount is necessary, this restriction can be adjusted to a higher number.

More Statistics

The menue point "banlist infos" now contains 2 new graphs and additonal data. "game info" will now list all external ban, also a graph "daily bans per game" will be shown.


The second graph can be found in the category "ban info" with the titel "daily bans per Anti Cheat Network". This one will show the daily bans of every partner Anti Cheat Network.

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11/9/11, 11:40 PM
nice, thankyou GGC team