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Updated : 6/17/18, 10:00 AM



Gamescom 2011: GGC interviews DICE

Due to the great support of Electronic Arts, we had the chance to interview Representatives from DICE on this years Gamescom in Cologne, about questions concerning the upcoming title Battlefield 3.

(from left to right: KEIOS, Gustav Halling, Daniel 'zh1nt0' Matros, RON)

During the Q&A Sessions we had the chance to ask several important questions, but did unfortunately not always get satisfying answers, due to the PR and Marketing Strategy of EA.
We as an Anticheatcommunity had the following questions and can pass these answers to you:

Q: Will Battlefield 3 be protected by Punkbuster?
A: EA still counts on Evenbalance, that's why Battlefield 3 will be Punkbuster protected. So we can officially announce, that we are going to support Battlefield 3 on release with our Streaming Service. We will announce details on how to setup your servers for GGC-Stream later.

Q: How is the cooperation between Evenbalance and DICE and will we get working PB Screenshots?
A: DICE is working closely with Evenbalance to ensure a good Integration of PB into Battlefield 3. After having mostly black Screenshots in the last title, Bad Company 2, they want to make sure, that PB works
properly in Battlefield 3 and that PB Screenshots will be working and that PB will be up to date on release.

Q: Will there be a Battlerecorder to make Demos of Cheaters?
A: Unfortunately they could not give us a definite answer on that. Evading an answer, the Global Community Manager Daniel 'zh1nt0' Matros stated, that DICE still has this request from the Esports Community in Mind, but he could not say if this feature will make it into the game or not, at this time.

Interestingly he then first wanted to announce great news for the Esports Community on Saturday, but then was ordered to delay those news by the PR Department of EA. Inside the BF Scene this was seen as an inofficial Approval of the Battlerecorder and even the german Community Manager Andreas 'Gamm4' Koch didn't want to really deny that rumour. Still we have to wait on an official statement regarding the Battlerecorder and have to hope, that this feature will make it into the game.

Q: Will Serveradmins get dedicated Serverfiles to setup their own Battlefield 3 Server?
A: Since DICE claims to restrict Serverfiles to only official Ranked Server Providers due to Anticheat Reasons, we won't get dedicated Serverfiles. According to DICE, they want to constrain the development of Cheats by doing so.

In this regard, it seems funny, that the Competitor Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will have free dedicated Serverfiles, which was announced during the Gamescom, since Activision want to give their community a possibility to fight cheats, after the MW2 Debacle.

Pointed on this discrepance, that one developer denies public Serverfiles due to Cheats and the other hands them out due to the same reason, we were only refered to the different methods developers may have on this subject.
Sure you can find and use more Exploits, when you have Server and Clientfiles, but you can not prevent Cheating itself by denying Serverfiles.
And like we could see with Battlefield Bad Company 2, there was still a leak of the Serverfiles and Cheatdevelopers will have their Aimbots and Wallhacks ready close to release date. So it seems that Control of Content and financial Aspects in Renting Servers and Selling DLC seem to be more the reason for denying public dedicated Serverfiles.

Short Resumee:
To be prepared for you and Battlefield 3, we are in close contact with DICE to make sure, that our streaming Service is ready on release day!

We want to sincerely thank Electronic Arts and DICE for their Invitation and the possibility to play Battlefield 3 at this years Gamescom. It was great fun!
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8/22/11, 6:54 PM
A special thanks to Andreas 'Gamm4' Koch for making everything happen!
8/22/11, 10:27 PM
8/23/11, 9:39 PM
Great news, thanks!
8/24/11, 10:30 AM