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Updated : 30/04/2017 18:00

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Here you can see all screenshots which were uploaded in a ticket and whereby the player got banned. Some screenshots wouldn't lead to a ban if you view them isolated. Please consider this factor.
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Screenshot (nathanbr00ks)
0 Comments 22/04/2017 10:41
Screenshot (SkyFunoooo)
0 Comments 21/04/2017 13:43
Screenshot (SkyFunoooo)
0 Comments 21/04/2017 10:30
Screenshot (SMARKLS)
0 Comments 20/04/2017 12:43
Screenshot (Carmiel08)
0 Comments 20/04/2017 18:02
Screenshot (EL_MUGROSO_666)
0 Comments 20/04/2017 19:37
Screenshot (EL_MUGROSO_666)
0 Comments 20/04/2017 19:41
Screenshot (x_iBennnn_v)
0 Comments 20/04/2017 20:44
Screenshot (Roland20041123)
0 Comments 19/04/2017 13:12
Screenshot (pepos2012)
0 Comments 16/04/2017 06:23
Screenshot (WereWolf_Levi)
0 Comments 16/04/2017 19:59
Screenshot (UnlostBolu94)
0 Comments 18/04/2017 09:43
Screenshot (CuracaoXT)
0 Comments 15/04/2017 01:22
Screenshot (CuracaoXT)
0 Comments 15/04/2017 04:00
Screenshot (TheBombMann)
0 Comments 18/04/2017 18:44
Screenshot (TheBombMann)
0 Comments 18/04/2017 18:33

Last 10 comments
Time User Comment  
19/02/2017 16:00 [EF]=$ebi= yeah i did but they arent answering
19/02/2017 15:57 LDGaming You need to contact them with an ban appeal, these people don't really care that much if you type it here.. Already told them they ban for spectator view in a topic on their forum LINK and even there they don't seem to care.. Best part of this screenshot, it even says its spectator view in the PBSS itself lmao .
18/02/2017 23:05 [EF]=$ebi= Its called "X-Ray in Spectator mode" (Setting in AAPG)
14/12/2016 23:28 dangerORclose hahaha you f***ing serious? hahaha
12/12/2016 23:48 cubano15 You have a mistake, fix it, I've been playing this game for 6 years, first aa3 and now aa4 I'm a server, look at my performance in the game, it's stupid to think I'm cheating,
I also made a complaint to game server, you are banning players without reasons
12/12/2016 23:45 cubano15 All the viewers see the screen like this, you see it that way but I do not see it on my screen
12/12/2016 23:43 cubano15 what ? I do not see what the problem is
12/12/2016 23:43 cubano15 take a look at the screenshots (no x-ray spectate)
12/12/2016 15:51 Chany
11/12/2016 21:23 Knight_jimmy If I admit, this is the image capture, in which I am cheating, as I said before, will never happen again, can there be some way to rid me of the prohibition?