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Updated : 11/25/15, 2:00 AM


Last year there was a poll in Battlelog, which of the classic Maps, which were already released in previous games, the Community wants to play in Battlefield 4.
Most people voted for Dragon Valley, which was released with Battlefield 2 ten years ago...

After the Fall Update delivered beside some patches and corrections also the new community map operation outbreak, the November is full with Events all around the Battlefield...

On 3rd of November EA will roll out the new Update for Battlefield Hardline. PC Gamers will be affected with a short offline time for 1h, starting 08.00 UTC / 12.00 AM PDT.

What is the content of this update?

2 free Night Maps, called Night Job and Night Woods, which are night versions of the already available Maps Bank Jobs and Backwoods. Also there is a new Gadget, Night Vision Goggles and a new Version of the RO933 and a new Battlerifle.

The Spectator Mode will be given a tune up and fresh music will be implemented. A complete Updatelist will be announced in the Battlelog Forums when the Update is done.

The official Announcement from Mr. Fixnow you ll find here:

Following this Link you ll find the timetable of the planned Events on BF4 in October:

Also with the autumn update the community operations map will be published:

The migration to the streaming IP has been finished. Please make sure, all of your servers are streaming properly. If your server does not stream, please make sure your entries in your pb_sv.cfg are correct.

Here you get the new data for your config:

pb_sv_uconadd 1 ggc GAMESHORTHANDLE

Please replace the gameshorthandle as follows:

aa4 - Americas Army 4
bf2 - Battlefield 2
bf3 - Battlefield 3
bf4 - Battlefield 4
bc2 - Battlefield Bad Company 2
bfhard - Battlefield Hardline
cod2 - Call of Duty 2
cod4 - Call of Duty 4
coduo - Call of Duty United Offensive
codww - Call of Duty World at War
et - Enemy Territory
moh - Medal of Honor
mohw - Medal of Honor Warfighter
ro2 - Red Orchestra 2

You can find all gameshorthandles in the following forumthread:

For the other games please visit our forums or create a support ticket via the following URL: