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Updated : 7/27/16, 2:00 PM


In the light of recent events: The usage of software that integrates custom HUD's that are able to change the game balance can result in a ban. Especially modifications on the following units lead to a ban:

- Corsshair

- Minimap

- Playerskins

For your information: The german principle "Ignorance is no excuse in law" is valid as always.

  Battlefield 5 ??? 3/31/16, 8:21 PM by NofoSpike

Everyday there is a new rumour about the new Game title from EA/DICE. Is the name Battlefield 5 "Eastern Front"? Does it take place in the future, or is it a WW 1 Game? It is for sure that will be released from DICE LA after 5 Years of waiting for Battlefield Part 5.

In fact, DICE has prophibited their employees to talk or leak more facts about the the new Battlefield Part. It is almost safe to say that the new Title will have a military theme (Of course). The estimated relase date is also vague, it may be...

  Happy Easter 3/26/16, 4:31 PM by NofoSpike

GGC wishes you happy Easter

Even if its unexpected, Christmas is coming !

GGC has made sucessfully another year, full of turbulences. Beside the fight against cheater and for fairplay on the Battlefield we were able to win Nitrado as Sponsor in October this year.
For this reason we have had to change our StreamIP, which is saved in the Punkbusterfiles of the GGC- registered Servers.
There were some more changes, we have redesigned our forum and created a clanarea, where you are able to introduce your clan and your GGC-streaming Server.
Some more changes are planned for next year, so keep an eye on our Website, Facebook or Twitter.

Independently of the above, GGC still stands in fight against cheater, this year we have kicked over 1 million cheater of your streaming Servers. Also thanks to our „special squad“, which is really busy with the detection of new cheats, so the amount of banned cheater is growing daily. Since 2007, the start of GGC, we have banned 369.000 cheater overall. Of course, this also includes the data reported by your Punkbusterscreenshots, when cheats are visible and can be banned.

We look forward to another year with you, in common contra cheater!

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year, enjoy the holidays!

And as always, just saying: no amnesty!

With the Holidaypatch, released today, EA delivers the new Version of Dragon Valley for Battlefield 4...