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Updated : 4/26/15, 8:00 AM


Some saw it come, others again were surprised and frustated as well as it can be read in the reactions to the posts of EA:

Battlefield Heroes


Since the Start of Battlefield Heroes and Play4free GGC made it possible for Serveradmins to stream to us. Of course we will keep up this Service till the Games go offline.

Also new Servers are still allowed to register here.

Punkbusterscreenshots can also still be reported. Players, who were found guilty using a cheat, will be affected with a gamespecific Ban on all to GGC streaming Servers.

Down to this day GGC has stored for Battlefield Heroes more than 130.000 Bans, BattlefieldPlay4free can shine with more than 100.000 Banentries.

Even now we want to say Thank You to the Serveradmins and fair Players of BattlefieldPlay4free and Battlefield Heroes for their Engagement against Cheater in 6 years!

Perhaps we see you again with your Serverregistration for Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 or Battlefield Hardline ?

Evenbalance just confirmed that Violation#79623 may be triggered by non- cheatsoftware.

The Violations are removed from the Banlists. Affected Players should be able to play again.

If you still have issues with that violation please contact us via our Ticketsystem.

Next Weekend, 18/19.04.2015 the international elite meets in Cologne for the ESL Battlefield 4 Spring Finals 2015.
8 Teams will fight for the title " ESL One Battlefield 4 Spring Champion" and a prize pool of 35.000 Euros.
From europe 6 Teams are qualified, also one from America and another one for Australia...

Battlefield Hardline is just released and already users report the first Bugs.

If you are affected too, this Link might be helpful:

Battlefield Hardline Errors And Fixes

We fixed the problem with the serverregistration. All affected users are free to register their servers now.