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Updated : 4/23/14, 3:00 PM


3D technology in the field of online multiplayer games is getting more and more important we discussed in the last few days very intensively with publishers and affected people. This was due to various GGC Bans related to 3D Crosshairs initiated by official drivers .
So far we principally banned for 3D Crosshairs because they constitute an interference in normal operation and give an advantage to the user over other players - In the case of Battlefield 3 , for example, players with 3D Crosshair have a crosshair though this is deliberately disabled by the game for example in hardcore mode .
After tests and extensive research into the topic we decided to stop banning for 3D Crosshairs , since it is nearly impossible to aim without such a crosshair in stereoscopic 3D mode.
For server admins of Hardcore servers this decision brings a amount of extra work with it , but we do not want to be opposed to new technology and therefore also players that have been banned in the past for 3D crosshairs will be unbanned .

Today we want to announce that we cooperate with the "Cybergamer" League.
Thus, you can also trust in our habitual and extensive services in the CG.


That means:
1. In CG matches, the stream must be active.
2. Our ban list finds exertion in CG Matches. Its' impossible to play CG matches with a GGC banned guid.
3. Guid's, which are banned cause of CG match media, also get listed in the GGC data base. This means that this guid is permanently banned on all GGC streamed servers.
4. Player-Accounts in cooperative league's, with an entry of the banned guid, will maybe locked in this league, too. Please read the rules of the specific league.
5. Question's or formal objection's for GGC ban's, will only be edited in the GGC ticket system.

You also can take advantage of the benefits of our anti-cheat community. Just register your server at GGC !

  Happy Birthday "PBBANS"! 11/30/13, 4:45 PM by Joker

"PBBANS" is known by many players and server admins when it comes to the detection of cheaters.

"PBBANS" is now celebrating their 10-year anniversary and we like to congratulate. We remember back to the time in which our two communities worked together closely. Perhaps this form of cooperation will be possible in the future again.

We recommend that server admins stream to us and to "PBBANS". This is in our view the most comprehensive protection against cheaters, which is possible. The server performance will not be affected by a combined streaming to us and "PBBANS" so that you only have benefits from it.

We wish "PBBANS" continued success and good decisions in the interests of the players and server admins.

Battlefield 4 & Americas Army:

Evenbalance confirms that Violation #89265 may be triggered by non-cheat software. All affected GUID's, been removed from our banlist. - BF4 page - AA page

The release of Battlefield 4 is very close and it is clear now that Battlefield comes with Punkbuster as anticheattechnology. GGC is well prepared and we are happy to add another title to our portfolio.

In Battlefield 4 you can also rent your own gameserver and register it to GGC. For all those which are interested in a gameserver we advise you to take a look at our mainsponsor Servers of gamed are very performing, low priced and are protected against DDOS attacks so that your server runs stabile although it is attacked by a dos attack.

Via the banner below you are able to get directly to furthermore you will find a voucher code at the end of this news which reduces the price of your server about 5 Euro.

This voucher code is valid until march 2014 and is not combinable with other promotions.

Voucher Code: GGC-BF4abf6973801